Springfield is a wonderful resource for nature and learning and is constantly changing with the seasons. In recent years many areas have been cleared and new spaces are taking shape. 

The small wood has been transformed, with new pathways, seating areas, stepping stones, bird tables and bat boxes which have all helped to encourage a plethora of wildlife. We regularly see Blue Tits, Blackbirds, Robins and Finches feeding and nesting in the hedges and trees. 

The gardening club have been busy planting and growing lots of delicious vegetables. We are looking forward to harvesting garlic and broadbeans in July and our radishes, runner beans, peas, tomatoes, potatoes and pumpkins are all flourishing. 

Our pond has been revilitalised, and during the summer months we are seeing an abundance of newts, frogs, water boatmen and pond skaters. 

We also have five lovely hens laying delicious eggs for us and we hope to expand our brood next year. 

We'd like to thank Mr and Mrs Tustin, Mrs Filby and family, Hannah Moody, Mark, Derek and Jill, and the gardening club and Eco Army for all their contributions to making Springfield such a fantastic resource for our pupils. 

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