Download the School Gateway App!

Available_on_the_App_Store_blackplaystoreIf you are a smartphone user, please download the School Gateway app. It makes online payment easier for you and also saves us money, as text messages to those with the app are free. 

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School Gateway Online Payment

SG-login-buttonBovingdon Academy offers parents the option to pay for a variety of items online. We are now using School Gateway.

To activate your School Gateway account click on the logo.

The benefits of using School Gateway:

  • There is a School Gateway app, so payments can be made via smartphone.
  • When we text a parent who has downloaded the app, the message will be sent as a free push notification, saving the school the cost of the text message.
  • School Gateway links in with our Dinner Money system, so you will also be able to view school meal balances and top them up at any time.
  • The text messaging system allows parents to reply by text, saving you time.
  • Parents can set up and manage their own accounts so there’s no need to wait for login information from the school office. You just need the email address and mobile number that school holds on record for you.