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Year 4 Kingswood Visit 2017 Updates

Friday 9th June 2.45pm -
The coach has hit some minor traffic. We are now expecting them back at 4.00pm. Keep an eye out for continued updates.

Friday 9th June 1.50pm -
The Year 4s have waved 'goodbye' to the Grosvenor Hall centre and have started their journey home. We are still expecting them to get back to school for 3.30pm but we will let you know if this changes.

Friday 9th June 11.00am -
Our Year 4 children come home today! The children were up early packing this morning. It has been a great few days away and the children and staff are excited to come home and tell you all about it - although we warn you they may be a bit tired! They did their last two activities this morning and then they will be heading home after lunch later this afternoon. We will keep you posted on their progress and we will message when they are half an hour away from school.

Thursday 8th June 4.45pm -
The Year 4 children (and staff) will have no trouble sleeping tonight! It has been a jam-packed day and they still have some evening activities to go - but first some well deserved dinner! Tonight the children will take part in a 'Trail of Mystery'.

Thursday 8th June 12.30pm - 
Year 4 have just sat down to lunch to recover some energy from their activity-packed morning. They all had a lot of fun on the zip-wire this morning and they have also been able to take part in team building challenges and some wall climbing. And of course they all LOVE the 3G Swing.

Thursday 8th June 8.30am -
Year 4 survived their first night and following a hearty breakfast this morning they were raring to get into their first activities! This mornings activities include the Aerial Runway and the 3G Swing.

Wednesday 7th July 4.30pm -
The children are straight in to their first activities following some time to settle in and have a tour of the centre. The groups have been split across different activities including archery, the High Equilibrium and the outdoor climb.

Wednesday 7th June 2.45pm -
The Year 4 children have arrived at Grosvenor Hall - after a tour of the site they will head straight in to their first activities!

Wednesday 7th June 12.30pm -
The Year 4s are on their way! They have just stopped at the service station for a spot of lunch in the sunshine and then they will continue their journey to the centre. Lots of excited faces on the coach this morning - we are just hoping the weather holds out!

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