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Year 5 Isle of Wight Trip Updates

Friday 19th May 3.35pm -
Traffic on the M25 means that Year 5 will likely arive back at school for between 4.20-4.30pm. We will keep you updated as they go.

Friday 19th May 2.20pm -
Based on current traffic Year 5 will be back early today at roughly 4pm. We will send a text when they are half an hour away.

Friday 19th May 12.45pm -
Year 5 are on the ferry home. They were a little delayed getting on but we are hoping this shouldn't delay their arrival time. We will keep you posted.

Friday 19th May 11.00am -
What a beautiful day in the Isle of Wight! The sun shone on the Year 5s during their beach visit this morning - take a look at some of the pictures from their beach lessons.

Friday 19th May 9.00am -
Year 5 had a fantastic day yesterday - topped off by a round of crazy golf in the evening. Things got quite competitive (particularly among the adults) with Miss Pruden being crowned the champion - although Miss Thompson may tell you a different story.

They are doing a beach study this morning and then heading to the ferry for 12pm. We are expecting them back at school for 5pm but we will keep you updated of their progress.

Thursday 18th May 2.15pm -
This afternoon the children have been able to go on the toboggan run and giant slide - as you can see by their faces, they have thoroughly enjoyed it!

Thursday 18th May 1.00pm -
Year 5 are enjoying the sunshine today with a picnic lunch and games on the field - including tug-of-war and some break dancing!

Thursday 18th May 10.00am -
After a rainy day and evening the Year 5s got in their pjs early yesterday for a biscuits and movie night.
Today, the sun is shining on them and they are off to explore the rides and pirate ship at Robin Hill Country Park.

Wednesday 17th May 4.30pm -
What a great day! The children have done so much and have been a credit to the school everywhere they have gone. The tree-climbing centre even commented on how well behaved they were and called the children 'inspirational'!
Year 5 have really enjoyed all the activities today, even though some of them did get tricked into holding fossil poo at Dino Isle!

Wednesday 17th May 12.00pm -
What rain!? The Year 5 children have had an amazing morning climbing trees, visiting the zoo and exploring Dino Isle - despite some wetter weather today.

Wednesday 17th May 10.00am -
Year 5 had a fantastic time at the show last night! Today they are splitting into two groups and alternating between tree-climbing and visiting Dino Isle. Keep an eye out for more photos as the day goes on.

Tuesday 16th May 4.15pm -
Tonight is the highly-anticipated theatre night for our Year 5s in the Isle of Wight.

After such an eventful day of visiting the Needles, going on a boat cruise, watching a glass-blowing demo and visiting the sand shop, you would think everyone would be tired by now. But not our Year 5s! Both children and staff can't wait for the show!

Tuesday 16th May 1.30pm
Year 5 are captivated by the processes and techniques they have learnt about in their glass-blowing workshop this afternoon.

Tuesday 16th May 11.00am -
Year 5 are having an amazing time at the Needles today! The sun is shining and there are big smiles on the boat cruise this morning.

Tuesday 16th May 9.10am -
After a good first night's sleep and a great breakfast the children are raring to go this morning! They are on their way to vist the Needles today.

Monday 15th May 3.50pm -
The children arrived safely (and excitedly) at their hotel. After an introductory talk they were able to settle in their rooms and get ready for dinner. Hopefully it will then be a good nights rest before they go into tomorrows activities.

Monday 15th May 2.42pm -
All aboard! Year 5 are having a great time on the ferry and are really excited to get to the Isle now.

Monday 15th May 12.10pm -
Year 5 have had a brilliant time so far at the aquarium! They have seen lots of exciting animals.
After lunch they will be heading to the ferry and then on to the hotel.

Monday 15th May 9.00am -
An excited group of Year 5 children set off this morning for the Isle of Wight! They will be stopping to visit the aquarium on their way. We will keep you updated on the trip throughout the week so keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages and our website.

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