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Why Choose Bovingdon Academy?

Speeches from our Head Girl & Head Boy 2015-16

Are you looking for a unique school for your child to attend? Then you are in the right place! I am proud to say I have been a pupil at Bovingdon Primary Academy for as long as I can remember.  It is a very special place and more like a big family than a school. 

Our motto is ‘The Sky’s The Limit’ and all staff and pupils strive to reach this goal.

The Foundation Stage is where we all begin our learning journey.  This is where the foundations are laid to be built upon throughout the rest of a pupil’s time at our school. Nursery and Reception are bright, colourful and exciting environments with bold displays of children’s work on show.  There is a huge outdoor area where children can play on a fantastic stage, ride on tractors or get creative with the paint. 

To help the new Reception children to settle in to the school, we operate a buddy system.  This is where a Reception child is paired with a Year 6 ‘buddy’ who supports them as they begin to stay for a full day at school.  The playground can seem like a big, scary place at lunchtime, but not if you’ve got a Year 6 Bovingdon buddy!

Right next door to the Foundation stage classrooms is a super outdoor learning resource called Springfield.  This area boasts an outdoor classroom, a pond, chickens and hills to roll down.  We have all enjoyed many lessons and fun times, such as Orchard Day, in Springfield.

After Foundation Stage come Key Stage One and Key Stage Two where our pupils’ learning continues step by step.  There are exciting visitors to school who support topic work.  I still remember Florence Nightingale coming to visit in Year 2 and treating us all like soldiers and nurses.  This made the topic we were studying come alive. We also travel to local places to support our school work such as Mead Open Farm, Whipsnade Zoo, the Harry Potter studios and Chiltern Open Air Museum.  These places inspire our topic work and stay in our memories forever. 

From Year 4 onwards we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to go on residential trips with our friends from school for a number of days.  In Year 4 I had a great time at Kingswood, challenging myself to do things I had never done before such as the 3G swing.  It was an extraordinary adventure I will always remember. 

In Year 5, I was one of the first to travel to France for 4 nights.  Again, I experienced things I had never dreamt of doing such as eating frogs’ legs and snails.  I loved the frogs’ legs, but hated the snails!

This year, in Year 6, I went to Woodrow for three nights. The experience is designed to help us work us as a team and prepare us for secondary school in September. We took part in archery, built shelters, learnt how to light a fire and designed then tested our rafts in the swimming pool.

There are also class assemblies, Christmas productions and sports day to get involved in throughout the year.  We are lucky enough to have our own sports manager, Mr. Robinson, who leads the teams in football, netball, basketball, hockey and rounders to name a few. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the netball team and playing in matches against other local schools. The MUGA (multi use games area) is a fantastic sports facility built a few years ago where the old swimming pool was.

Over the course of the school year, there are lots of different events that every single child can take part in.  These include themed weeks such as Take One Picture week and Money week as well as raising money for charities like Red Nose Day and Children in Need.

Bovingdon Primary Academy pupils are actively encouraged to be involved in the decisions that affect our school.  They can do this by becoming a member of one of our school councils. We have the Eco Council to ensure we are an eco friendly school, the School Council who discuss how our school can be made even better using ideas from pupils in the school and the Playground Squad who ensure children are playing nicely and that everybody has fun at lunch time.  In Year 6 you can be a Pupil Advocate and help with lots of exciting jobs, including giving adults tours of our school.

We are very fortunate at Bovingdon Primary Academy to have lots of extra resources that some schools might not have. We have computing lessons in the ICT suite, which is a dedicated room set up with lots of computer equipment, like desktop PCs, iPads, netbooks, and learnpads. We also have the benefit of a DT Suite, music rooms, a minibus and the Tree House. I almost forgot the steel pans! I have absolutely loved learning how to play them with Mr. Clark every Thursday afternoon.

There are loads of after school clubs to choose from. Netball is my favourite but there are so many choices. My sister and I both sing in the Key Stage 2 Choir, some of my friends play rounders, tag rugby, football and basketball; there’s a school orchestra I am proud to be part of, and you should see some of the amazing things that are created in the pottery club! There really is something for everyone after school!

Of course, none of this could happen without all the members of our school family- the organised office staff, the caring dinner ladies, the excellent kitchen staff, our supportive teaching assistants, and not forgetting our terrific teachers.  However, Bovingdon is the only school that has the one and only Mrs. D; she always has a sunny smile on her face to greet everybody. She is head of the dinner ladies and is also a teaching assistant in Year 4.

So, let me ask you again: 

Are you looking for a unique school for your child to attend? 

Then you are in the right place.

Ella - Head Girl 2015-16

Welcome to Bovingdon Primary Academy. My name is Connor Reilly and currently Head Boy and I am about to complete my eighth year at this school. I have been at Bovingdon Primary Academy since nursery where I started as a quiet, scared, shy boy. As the years have gone by I have grown in confidence, knowledge and much to my mum’s annoyance – Height! This time has flown by and I only have a few weeks left, but I feel the school has set me up well to start secondary school in September.

Bovingdon Primary Academy has excellent teachers with enthusiastic and fresh ideas. It has lots of support staff with TA’s, dinner ladies, and student teachers. Lessons are made as fun as possible but obviously we need to learn at the same time.

The school has theme days or weeks through the year. I remember “Circus week” in Year one where all the subjects revolved around circus acts. For example, tight rope walking and plate spinning in PE. In Year 3, I enjoyed a World War 2 day commemorating D Day where we were evacuees and we blacked out the classroom. In Year 4, I travelled to space for the day where a pretend Planetarium was set up in the hall for “Space Day”. IT WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Tim Peake would have been proud! Election fever hit Year 5 in May 2015 when our local MP David Gauke came to visit. We elected an imaginary party after writing our manifestoes and doing our campaigns.

Every year the school has “Take One Picture” week where a picture from the National Gallery is studied. We are currently taking part in this, this week. This year the picture, A Roman Triumph by Rubens was picked. Subjects, especially Art and Literacy are all about this picture. We are even going dressed as Romans tomorrow.

The school every year also has a “Public Speaking” competition. This encourages us to speak in front of a lot of people – LIKE I AM DOING NOW and to give us more confidence. The school also has an annual “Money Week” and “Fairtrade Week”. Bovingdon is proudly a Fair trade school and each pupil is taught what this means.

Bovingdon Primary Academy also arranges some CRACKING trips. The Verulamium, the Zoo, Ashridge, Hazzard Alley, the Harry Potter studios and outdoor activities at Kingswood are just a few. I was lucky enough to go to France in Year 5. – YES! I had a fantastic time learning all about the country. It was “TRES BONNE” – see I learnt something!

Obviously it can’t be fun days out all of the time. A lot of the time, we do have to knuckle down and work hard. The teachers keep a close eye on us and help us if we need extra assistance. I always feel comfortable and confident enough to ask for help if I need it.

Lately on warmer days, we have had a couple of lessons in Springfield – our school garden. This is situated next to the Nursery and the garden has an outdoor classroom, a pond, a home-made greenhouse, scarecrows and many chickens.

For PE, we have a range of areas to do sport, the hall, the playground, the field and the MUGA – the astro-turf games area. Each school year has the chance to be given a bit of responsibility. Pupils can join various groups including “The Eco Council”, “The PE Council”, “The School Council” and “The Playground Squad”.

In Year 6, the pupils have the chance to be a pupil advocate. I am lucky enough to have been chosen to be part of this team. Once again, it gives us a lot more responsibility and independence. But all of year 6 at the beginning of the year become buddies to the reception children. We help look after them at lunchtimes, which can seem a little scary for them at first. Some of reception are fine after a few days and don’t need us anymore. Some like to stay friends all year which is quite sweet. We have all grown rather fond of them and will miss them.

Bovingdon Primary Academy’s core themes are-

1      VALUES



4      BELONGING and


Thanks to the school, I can relate to a lot of these themes. I have enjoyed being part of this school, I will miss being part of this school but I am now ready to move on. I have learnt a lot, grown a lot and I’m sure like Ella feel very thankful to the school. 

The school’s motto not only applies to the school but also to me.


Thank you for listening.

Connor - Head Boy 2015-16