How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom including school trips?

Bovingdon is an inclusive school where the success of every child matters

At Bovingdon, staff aim to include all pupils in all activities and events and wherever possible look to remove the barriers to a child’s participation by making adaptations or providing additional resources.

If a child has a Special Educational Need or a disability that may impact on their access to an event such as Sport’s Day or a school trip, the class teacher will talk to the SENCo/Inclusion Manager or Senior Leadership Team. A child may have an OV5 (individual risk assessment) written and be given 1-1 support. If this is not a sufficient adjustment, the class teacher and/or SENCo/Inclusion Manager will meet with the parents to address the challenges and plan for the event. The pupil’s views will be also taken into consideration. On some occasions, an external advisor may be invited in to discuss the challenges and opportunities with the school and parents to find a way for the child to access the event.

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