What training have the staff, supporting children and young people with SEND, had or are having?

All teaching staff in the school support children with Special Educational Needs. We believe strongly in an inclusive education, and ensure that all children have access to all opportunities in school. Teachers are responsible for the learning and progress of all children in their class. The school strongly prioritises the provision of high-quality, whole-class teaching.

There is a continual cycle of professional development in the school and the Senior Leadership Team are dedicated to developing and mentoring teachers, especially those in their first years of teaching. There is a rigorous training and support programme for Newly Qualified Teachers and those in their second year of teaching. The Senior Leadership Team closely monitors the quality of provision, and this feeds into the continuing professional development.

Teachers and Teaching Assistants receive specialist training if they have a child in their class with an identified special need i.e. from the Autism Advisory Service or the Hearing Impairment team.  They receive bespoke training from the external advisors with whom they work with, e.g. Thoma Coram SpLD Base.  Teaching Assistants are all trained to run the interventions that they lead. In addition, Teaching Assistants attend training courses tailored to support their specific roles and responsibilities.

Training staff have had

  • ProTap Silver and Gold (Individual staff)
  • Autism
  • Wellcomm FS and KS1
  • Write Words
  • Hearing Impairment (annually by need)
  • Speech and Language (individual for specific pupils and Foundation Stage)
  • Phonics – Read, Write Inc.  FS and KS1
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