How will the learning and development provision be matched to my child’s needs?

Assess, plan, do and review

See sections 2 and 3 in which it is outlined how support plans (IPMs/IEPs) enable the teacher to match the provision to the child’s needs.

The IEP is likely to list other strategies to support the child. Advice from outside agencies will be incorporated and planned for. The teacher plans for the needs of all pupils in the class and will differentiate and make adaptations according to need. In addition, scaffolding may be in place such as visual resources, visual timetables, specialist equipment etc. The child may be accessing specific interventions that are focused on giving the pupils strategies to learn within the primary classroom e.g. pre-teaching, Social Skills groups etc.

Interventions are time limited and are reviewed and monitored to ensure that they are the appropriate provision for that particular child and that they are impacting on progress.

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